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We can add-on services to your account. Everything from databases to secure online processing of credit cards.

Professional web authoring, CGI programming, database programing, local networking as well as site administration are our specialties.

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The internet is loaded with new terminology. We won't try to cover all of it, just the terms that are used on our web site...

An auto-responder is an email address that people can send mail to, and it will automatically send back a response without any further human intervention.

There are many types of auto-responders. We can customize them to be "information only", where they only send information out to the requester, or they can be "information->senders", where they return information to the user, and forward the user's email on to another email address (or alias, which can be many users).

CGI Scripting
CGI stands for "Common Gateway Interface." What it does is allow the owner of a website to write programs that run on the web server and deliver their output to a user's browser. We offer CGI scripting for programs written in Perl. Perl is installed in /usr/bin/perl.

Domain name
A domain name is the information a user needs to type into their browser to get to your site. Think of it as your address on the internet. Our customers have an option of using a domain name like, or using our domain name, but with your first name, like The former requires a separate fee paid to a company called Internic, the latter doesn't. Both require a setup fee. Please see the Products page for more information.

Email alias
Although it may sound deceptive, an email alias is really a complicated way to say "nickname." What it means is you have an email address like, but all mail that goes to that address ends up somewhere else, like, or to a bunch of other places, like joebob, and jimbob, and maryjo. Email aliases are useful for establishing accounts for things like your sales department; customers send email to, and all of the online sales reps get a copy. That way if half the department is out sick, the customers mail doesn't sit for days on end.

PHP is a web based programming language that is a little like Perl, C and others all thrown together. It is very handy for creating dynamic web pages. It is easy to use because you embed the PHP code directly into your web pages. Please see for more information.

POP email account or mailbox
A POP email account is a physical mailbox on our server. You need to use an internet mail client (email program) to retrieve mail from a POP email account. Chances are you currently have a POP email account from the provider who is giving you your internet access.

Unix is an operating system originally developed by Bell Labs. It excells as server operating system because it's designed to allow many programs to run at the same time without slowing the system down. Our server is running the BSDi variety of Unix.

Your service with us consists of two or three fees, depending on the type of service you order;
  1. Domain name registration:

    This is paid directly to a company called Internic. We never see any portion of this fee. Currently Internic fees are $70 for the first two years, and $35 for each year thereafter. Internic will bill you separately.

    There is no fee to Internic to use a domain name under our domain name. This is often the most economical solution for small businesses. We have chosen our name carefully in order to provide a nice sounding domain name for local businesses. Exp. Your business is called Fred's Hardware, your web site address might look like "".

  2. Setup fees:

    The setup fee for using your own domain name is $25.

    The setup fee for using a domain name under ours is $15.

    These fees are fixed and charged by our provider. They cannot be waived.

  3. Monthly service:

    This cost of monthly service depends on the service plan you've decided to subscribe to. Please check our products page for exact pricing.

    Please note: Your costs may be more than the published basic cost if you have requested to receive any add-ons, administrative service or web-page creation services.

That is all there is to your costs! Please send email to us if you have any questions.
 How do we do it?
We have rented space on a large server that is already on the internet. By foregoing a lot of the costs associated with ownership of the actual machine and renting of bandwidth, we can save a lot of money in the process. We've decided to pass the savings on to you.

Too much lingo? Click here for explanations of what it all means.

No hidden costs!
Click here for ALL costs associated with starting your commercial web space.

How do we do it?
How do we offer such incredible prices? Click here for a full explanation of what we do and how we do it.

Terms of service.
Exactly what you will get from us for your monthly fee, limited liability, content limitations for your web site (i.e. no adult material), tech support issues and reasons why your account can be cancelled.
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