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Commercial Web Space on a budget

Commercial Web Space for a small business

Commercial Web Space for a small to medium size business

Business Class
Business Class Web site

Small site
2 page Commercial Web site

We can add-on services to your account. Everything from databases to secure online processing of credit cards.

Professional web authoring, CGI programming, database programing, local networking as well as site administration are our specialties.

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What we don't offer

  • Server Space*: 5 megabytes
  • Email: 1 POP email account
  • Email aliases: 3 email aliases
  • Auto-responder: 1 auto-responder
  • CGI Scripting: No
  • PHP: No
Your cost: $15 a month
  • Server Space*: 10 megabytes
  • Email: 3 POP email accounts
  • Email aliases: 3 email aliases
  • Auto-responder: 3 auto-responders
  • CGI Scripting: No
  • PHP: No
Your cost: $20 a month
  • Server Space*: 20 megabytes
  • Email: 5 POP email accounts
  • Email aliases: 25 email aliases
  • Auto-responder: 25 auto-responders
  • CGI Scripting: Yes, Perl
  • PHP: Yes
Your cost: $25 a month
 Business Class
  • Server Space*: 100 megabytes
  • Email: 10 POP email accounts
  • Email aliases: 25 email aliases
  • Auto-responder: 25 auto-responders
  • CGI Scripting: Yes, Perl
  • PHP: Yes
Your cost: $45 a month
The "Small Site" option is for businesses that don't have a lot of dynamic information, but want to stake out their space on the Internet nonetheless. There are some restrictions to using the "Small Site" option; You must use a subdirectory under our domain (i.e., you cannot upload to your site directly, we must do it for you (you email us your pages at and your site may be no more than 2 pages and less than 50K in size including graphics).
  • Server Space*: 2 web pages with graphics (no more than 50K of space)
  • Email: None
  • Email aliases: 1 email alias
  • Auto-responder: 1 auto-responder
  • CGI Scripting: No
  • PHP: No
  • Updates: via a WWW based interface only
Your cost: $5 a month
Need additional email boxes or aliases? No problem! We can custom tailor any of our accounts for you.

Pricing (monthly charge):

  • Email: $2 per POP mailbox
  • Email alias: $2 per 5 aliases
  • Auto-responders: $5 per 25 auto-responders
  • Webspace: $1 per megabyte (must buy in 5 meg increments)

Pricing (one-time setup):

  • Automated Online Product listing system: $25
We also offer the MySQL database server for accounts that have CGI scripting available(please note that we administer the database, direct access to it is not available). We can administer and update your site, offer database driven web pages, install scripts for you - everything your business needs to be successful on the Internet.

* Server Space
In our zest to be completely up-front with you, we want to mention that the term "Server Space" includes more than just the size of your web pages and graphics. It also includes the space that your web servers log files take up, space taken by email left on our server and space taken by any files you've made available for your sites visitors to download.

Email files usually take up about 100K (.1 megabytes) per mailbox before being downloaded. If the email address is heavily used or is used to send graphics or other binary attachments, it can use more a lot more space. Please note that only POP email accounts do this. Also note that if you fail to retrieve your mail from your POP account, its size can grow quite large, cutting significantly into your space.

The log files from your web site can assist you in determining your sites usage and what your visitors are looking at. We use the "analog" log file analyzer to provide you with detailed tracking of your site. Every day, we run "analog", and place its results in a directory named for the day the program was run. We then truncate your log files to prevent them from growing to large and taking up your servers space. We delete the analog file directories when they become 30 days old. We can optionally customize your reporting options if you desire, just let us know what you need and we will custom fit your site to your needs.

Our end-user agreement will mention the term "Server Space," so we want to make sure it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. If there are any questions whatsoever, please let us know. We want you to be 100% certain of what your getting.

 Your domain name
All of our accounts can be hosted under your domain:[1]

or as a nickname of ours:

There is no additional monthly charge for this other than the setup fee[2}. Please see the email for information on your email ID's.

Setup fees[2] for domains:

  • Your domain:
    $25 one-time setup fee[1]
  • Nickname:
    $15 one-time setup fee

When you register with us, you will be required to decide what type of domain name you are going to use. You can use our online query engine to see if a nickame you want to use (under our domain) is available and reserve it if it is. Also, it's worth noting that you can always upgrade from a nickname to a domain name at a later time (setup fee of $25 is required to do this).

[1]Please note:
Registration of a domain requires separate payment to an Internet Registration Agency. We can take care of this for you and bill you for the service. Current rates are approximately $15 to $20 per year for reserving the name.

[2]Setup fees:
Setup fees are charged to us by our provider, we have no control over them. If you shop around the internet, you will find our fees are comparable to other providers.

 Always included
All sub-domains and full domains have their own log files. We will automatically generate a "detailed hit report" for your site nightly and place the report in a directory available to you from your web browser. Small Site accounts do not have this feature.

All accounts receive a free listing in our business directory, found at

 Payment Options
Payment is billed in 12 month increments. You are billed on the first day of the first full month of service. For days in the month prior you will be billed at a pro-rated scheduled for the number of days you purchase the service for.

All setup costs are billed at the time the service is ordered.

Accounts not paid within 10 days of the first billing date will be terminated.

At the moment we are limited to payment by check only. In the very near future we will be accepting payment online with credit cards.


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No hidden costs!
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How do we do it?
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Terms of service.
Exactly what you will get from us for your monthly fee, limited liability, content limitations for your web site (i.e. no adult material), tech support issues and reasons why your account can be cancelled.
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