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We can add-on services to your account. Everything from databases to secure online processing of credit cards.

Professional web authoring, CGI programming, database programing, local networking as well as site administration are our specialties.

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 Web authoring - Content delivery
We can design a custom website just for your business. We have been on the Internet since 1995 and have the experience and know-how to create the right site for you.

 Software Engineering
We can create custom Internet, or Intranet based applications. We have over 20 years experience designing and writing custom business software. We are experienced in C++, Perl, Java, SQL and numerous other computer programming languages.

We have experience designing and implementing large relational databases using Oracle, Sybase and MySQL.

With more then 30 years collective experience designing, implementing and adminstering computer networks, we are uniquely qualified to create a small local network, or a large geographically seperated nekwork for you.

We can assist you with getting Internet access to all of your networked computers and in administering your network.

We have experience in wireless networking as well as traditional Ethernet based wired networks.

 IT Consulting
We're a small business, we understand small businesses and understand that you can't always afford an entire IT department full-time. We can consult with you on your IT purchases, attend your meetings and make knowledgable, experience driven recomendations.

We research and use computer technology constantly. We are knowledgable in Windows (3.x, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP), Unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris) and Macintosh platforms.

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Terms of service.
Exactly what you will get from us for your monthly fee, limited liability, content limitations for your web site (i.e. no adult material), tech support issues and reasons why your account can be cancelled.
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