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Commercial Web Space on a budget

Commercial Web Space for a small business

Commercial Web Space for a small to medium size business

Business Class
Business Class Web site

Small site
2 page Commercial Web site

We can add-on services to your account. Everything from databases to secure online processing of credit cards.

Professional web authoring, CGI programming, database programing, local networking as well as site administration are our specialties.

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What we don't offer

 Dial-up accounts
We are not a provider of dial-up access to the internet. You must have a way onto the internet to use our services. Usually this is provided by a local company, or a company such as AOL.

Some people connect to the internet via a dial-up connection with a modem, others use "cable modems" and there are those with "direct connections." If you are reading this information on a web browser, you have everything you need to connect and use our service.

 We DO NOT allow illegal software or adult material
The first category is easy; we do not allow nor condone the illegal distribution of software. If your site is found to be distributing software that you do not have permission to redistribute, we will terminate your account immediately.

Adult material is a subjective category and we are not in the business of arguing what is offensive and what isn't. If we feel material you are distributing is adult in nature, we will cancel your account. The decision is solely up to us and not negotiable.


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No hidden costs!
Click here for ALL costs associated with starting your commercial web space.

How do we do it?
How do we offer such incredible prices? Click here for a full explanation of what we do and how we do it.

Terms of service.
Exactly what you will get from us for your monthly fee, limited liability, content limitations for your web site (i.e. no adult material), tech support issues and reasons why your account can be cancelled.
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